Polished Rod Clamp

Polished Rod Clamp
Polished rod clamp, a kind of device attached to the polished rod, works together with the pumping unit carrier bar to secure a polished rod to the surface pumping unit.

We are capable of producing single bolt polished rod clamp, double bolts polished rod clamp, as well as three bolts polished rod clamp. This can help us to meet customers’ special demand as the working load of our API polished rod clamp is largely improved.

Polished rod clamps can be classified as single bolt polished rod clamp, double bolts polished rod clamp and three bolts polished rod clamp according to the number of bolts.

When choosing polished rod clamps, you must know the working load of the sucker rod string. If not, improper usage will break the polished rod clamp.

Specification of Polished Rod Clamp
No. Type Size (in) OD of Polished Rod (mm) Working Load (KN) Hardness
1 Single Bolt
Double Bolts
Three Bolts
1 25 160-800 190-300 AISI 1045
AISI 1536M
AISI 1526M
2 1-1/8 28
3 1-1/4 32
4 1-1/2 38
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