Conventional Sucker Rod

Conventional Sucker Rod
Conventional Sucker Rod (Grade C, K, D)

Conventional sucker rods, steel or fiber reinforced plastic rod of standard length and diameter with externally threaded ends, typically used for transmitting mechanical power to the subsurface pump. Our company mainly offer steel pump rods. Generally, every sucker is designed with thread plastic protector at one end, and is equipped with a coupling at the other end.

Grade C sucker rods are applied to light-to-medium load non-corrosive wells. They can be made of with carbon steel.
Grade K sucker rods are suitable for light-to-medium load applications in corrosive oil wells.
Grade D sucker rods are utilized for heavy loads in non-corrosive or effectively inhibited oil wells.

1. We strictly manufacture Grade C, K and D sucker rods with API Specification 11B. This makes our sucker rods enjoy wider applications, extended service life and higher cost efficiency.

2. Our patented straightness testing instrument (Patent No.: ZL 2011 2 0109906.9) allows us to effectively test and correct the straightness of conventional sucker rods, solving the straightness challenge of sucker rods.

3. We stringently conform to standards of ISO management system to ensure excellent management efficiency.

Grade, Mechanical Properties and Material of Conventional Sucker Rod
No. Grade Tensile Strength
Rm (Mpa)
Yield Strength
Rel (Mpa)
Elongation A (%) Reduction of Area Z (%) Material
(AISI Steel Grade)
1 C 621-793 ≥ 414 ≥ 13 ≥ 50 AISI 1541
2 K 621-793 ≥ 414 ≥ 13 ≥ 60 AISI 4620
3 D Carbon (Type 54) 793-965 ≥ 586 ≥ 10 ≥ 50 AISI 1541
4 D Alloy
(Type 78)
793-965 ≥ 586 ≥ 10 ≥ 50 AISI 4142
AISI 4120
AISI 4130
AISI 4135
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