Wheeled Rod Guide

Wheeled Rod Guide
Wheeled rod guide is a kind of accessory used to connect sucker rods, and it is a tubing or solid bar of carbon or alloy steel of which two ends are machined as male thread or female thread. Also, a few wheels will be assembled in the hole of the bar body. When the wheeled rod centralizer works, the wheels can roll on the tubing wall to prevent the sucker rod from wearing.

Wheeled rod guide features easy to connect the sucker rod easily. This can reduce the operating resistance and effectively centralize the sucker rod.

The wheels of this kind of sucker rod guide can work with the metal tube to facilitate the connection of sucker rod as well as its smooth operation. This can also extend the service life of sucker rod string.

Specification Dimensions of Wheeled Rod Guide
Diameter Length Length of the Groove
5/8" Rod / 2-3/8" Tubing 1.5" 27" 1.8"
5/8" Rod / 2-7/8" Tubing 1.5" 27" 2.25"
3/4" Rod / 2-3/8" Tubing 1.5" 27" 1.8"
3/4" Rod / 2-7/8" Tubing 1.5" 27" 2.28"
3/4" Rod / 3-1/2" Tubing 1.5" 31" 2.75"
7/8" Rod / 2-7/8" Tubing 1.625" 27" 2.28"
7/8" Rod / 3-1/2" Tubing 1.625" 31" 2.75"
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