Non-rotating Sucker Rod Guide

Non-rotating Sucker Rod Guide
Non-rotating sucker rod guide, made by molding polymer material on carbon steel or alloy steel, is used to connect sucker rod, so as to centralize sucker rod and reduce abrasion between sucker rod and tubing as well as paraffin build-up.

Non-rotating sucker rod centralizer is characterized by easy to connect the sucker rod and easy to be replaced. It can reduce sucker rod abrasion and extend the service life of sucker rod.

Non-rotating sucker rod guide can easily connect the sucker rod string. It can not only centralize the sucker rod, but reduce paraffin build-up as well as avoid abrasion between sucker rod and tubing. In this way, the service life of sucker rod and tubing will be extended.

Specification (in) Outside Diameter of Guide (mm)
5/8 rod / 2-3/8 tubing 46
5/8 rod / 2-7/8 tubing 58
3/4 rod / 2-7/8 tubing 58
7/8 rod / 2-7/8 tubing 58
1 rod / 3-1/2 tubing 72
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