Sucker Rod with Centralizer

Sucker Rod with Centralizer
Sucker Rod with Centralizer(Grade C, K, D, D Special, KD, H, HL, HY, KH and HS)

Sucker rod with centralizer, uses metallic or polymetric materials to attach to the sucker rod string, in an effort to centralize the sucker rods and reduce sucker rod and tubing wear and /or reduce paraffin build-up.

Generally speaking, the quantity of centralizers on every oilfield sucker rod is determined according to different requirements. There are many kinds of sucker rod centralizers, some are directly molded on the rod, and some are installed on the rod after being molded. Sucker rod with centralizer is primarily applied to reduce wear between sucker rod and tubing, and extend the sucker rod’s service life.

1. The sucker rod with centralizer that we invented and manufactured is suitable for deviated wells.
2. Our experienced technicians invented the fixing method (Patent No.: ZL 2011 2 0109896.9) of centralizers to fix the centralizer on the sucker rod. This is helpful to centralize the carbon steel sucker rod, reduce paraffin build-up and reduce oilfield sucker rod and tubing wear. In this way, the service life of sucker rod with centralizer will be extended.

Parameter of Centralizer
Size Max. OD (mm) Length
Tubing ID .in (mm) Working Temperature (℃)
FZ46 × 15/16QG 46 90-130 2 (50) 75-140
FZ46 × 1-1/16QG
FZ46 × 1-3/16QG
FZ58 × 15/16QG 58 2-1/2 (62)
FZ58 × 1-1/16QG
FZ58 × 1-3/16QG
FZ58 × 1-3/8QG
FZ72 × 1-1/16QG 72 3 (76)
FZ72 × 1-3/16QG
FZ72 × 1-3/8QG
FZ72 × 1-9/16QG
Note: the match of centralizer's OD and Tubing ID can be required by the customers.
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