Corrosion-resistant Sucker Rod

Corrosion-resistant Sucker Rod
Corrosion-resistant Sucker Rod (Grade C, K, D, D Special, KD, HL, HY, KH and HS)

Corrosion-resistant sucker rod is used for highly corrosive oil wells or gas wells. Its anti-corrosive treatment can prevent the inner material of sucker rod from corrosion, and reduce abrasion of the sucker rod. So it can extend the service life of anti-corrosion sucker rod and improve the working efficiency of oil wells and gas wells.

High corrosion resistance is a main character of this kind of sucker rod. We have brought in EW wear resistance, heat resistance, anti-H2S and CO2 technologies to ensure the high corrosion resistance of oil well sucker rods. Besides, we also coat the surface of sucker rod with a kind of corrosion-resistant and high-strength polymer synthetic material to manufacture different grades of corrosion-resistant sucker rods of different grades and with various specifications. These anti-corrosion sucker rods can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of sucker rods, extend their service life and reduce customers’ operating costs.

Technical Parameter of Coatings of Corrosion-resistant Sucker Rod
No. Item Criterion Test Method
1 Appearance Even, smooth; no orange peel, air bubbles and flow Visual observation
2 Thickness of Film (μm) Liquid Anti-paraffin ≥ 80, ≤ 225 See Appendix A
Anti-corrosion 125 to 225
Powder Anti-paraffin ≥ 80, ≤ 225
Anti-corrosion 150 to 300
3 Holiday Anti-paraffin No requirement
Anti-corrosion No holiday NACE TM 0384
4 Adhesion ≥ Class B See Appendix B
5 Chemical Resistance Properties 10% HCI, normal temperature, 90d No changes in the coating Soaking method
3.5% NaC1, normal temperature, 90d
Crude oil, 80℃, 90d
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