Conventional Polished Rod

Conventional Polished Rod
Conventional Polished Rod (Grade 1, 2 and 3)

Conventional polished rod is made of with carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel. It has special requirements for the surface roughness of rod body, and its thread is 9 degree cone. Conventional polished rod has the grade as sucker rod.

1. When purchasing raw materials, we require the supplier to carry out cold drawing operation to make the raw material meet the mechanical properties and quality required by API standard. This can ensure the quality of our stainless steel polished rods from the source.

2. Compared with competitors, our polishing machine for extra-long polished rods allows us to manufacture extra-long carbon steel polished rods, so as to better satisfy customer requirements.

3. We adopt seven-layer packaging method to pack our conventional polished rods. This can effectively prevent these rods from rusting and extended their service life.

Classification and Mechanical Properties of Conventional Polished Rods
No. Material (AISI Steel) Tensile Strength
a) Carbon Steel:
AISI 1035-1050
90,000 Psi to 160,000 Psi
(621Mpa to 1,103Mpa)
b) Stainless Steel:
AISI 304/316/431
≥ 70,000 Psi for 304/316 (≥ 428Mpa)
≥ 90,000 Psi for 431 (≥ 620Mpa)
c) Alloy Steel:
1) AISI 4120-4140
2) AISI 4315-4340
3) AISI 4615-4625
4) AISI 8620-8630
95,000 Psi to 160,000 Psi
(655Mpa to 1,103Mpa)
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