Spray Metal Polished Rod

Spray Metal Polished Rod
Spray Metal Polished Rod (Grade 1, 2 and 3)

Spray metal polished rod is made by spraying a layer of nickel-based metal material on the surface of conventional polished rods, and it is mainly used in badly corrosive oil wells.

Spray metal polished rod features strong corrosive and abrasion resistance. This is helpful to extend the service life of alloy steel polished rods.

1. We are equipped with imported spray metal machines to make sure the even coating of spray metal polished rods.
2. This kind of polished rods enjoys extended service life in highly corrosive oil wells. Besides, seven-layer packaging can also extend the stock period and protect the polished rods from damage during the delivery.

Thickness of Coating Hardness of Coating Chemical Composition of Coating
Elements Range
0.008in to 0.020in
(0.20mm to 0.51mm)
≥ 480 HV200 Carbon 0.50 / 1.00
Silicon 3.50 / 5.50
Phosphorus 0.00 / 0.02
Sulfur 0.00 / 0.02
Chromium 12.00 / 18.00
Boron 2.50 / 4.50
Iron 3.00 / 5.50
Cobalt 0.00 / 0.10
Titanium 0.00 / 0.05
Aluminum 0.00 / 0.05
Zirconium 0.00 / 0.05
Nickel Remainder
Note: the outside diameter (OD) of finished spray metal polished rods shall conform to general dimensions and tolerances for polished rods, except the OD tolerance between the pin end and the beginning of spray metal, which shall be +0.005in. / -0.040in. (+0.13mm / -1.02mm).
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