Couplings are internally threaded components used to connect sucker rods, sinker bars, pony rods or polished rods used by both surface pumps and subsurface pumps. Pin threads of couplings are of the same size and type.

1. We have been certified by ISO 9001 management system (in 2006), API (in 2005), ISO 14001 environmental management system (in 2012) and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system (in 2012). This enables us to completely conform to API 11B during manufacturing. We are now capable of independently manufacturing sucker rod couplings and polished rod couplings of class T and SM.

2. Our technical team, consisting of 3 senior engineers, can keep up with industry-leading process of manufacturing couplings. They can adopt different heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, normalizing and tempering, etc.) according to the materials.

3. Excellent quality and after-sales service. Inspection during the manufacturing process and final inspection assure 100% yield of sucker rod couplings. In addition, we offer 180-day warranty, and we have offices and agents in a number of countries and regions, ensuring our premium after-sales services.

Couplings can be classified as T couplings, SM couplings and HS couplings.

When selecting couplings, you must know which kind of rod to connect. Sucker rod couplings cannot be utilized to connect polished rods, and vice versa. If so, the pin thread or coupling will break. Besides, for oil wells in highly corrosive working environment, SM couplings are required.